Hello! I’M a professional photographer and I choose to shoot Boudoir Photography to celebrate female beauty in all its harmonious variety. This is above all a pleasure that allows me to meet wonderful and enlightened women who decide to get involved in front of my photographic lens with irony and sensuality.


I have always preferred to photograph real people, for the strong emotional charge that they manage to transmit in every single shot and for the genuineness of expression they are able to reveal.
Each of my muses has a special energy that makes her shine in life as in the photos.


Being beautiful is, first of all, a matter of loving yourself.
Choosing the right poses and accessories that enhance the character and silhouette is instead an important part of my work that serves to give the photos delivered to my customers a magical WOW effect.

My task is to gently unveil the most intimate desires of each woman and turn them into images that will remain forever in the hands of my clients. Every woman I photograph has a unique story that brought her to consult this website first, and then to pose in front of my camera lens.


Why a Boudoir shoot?
The motivation is different for each woman: the desire to give a special gift to her beloved or her husband-to-be showing herself like never before, to seal a moment of life, to boost her self-confidence, to treat herself with a fun, liberating and empowering experience, or to have fun with the complicity of the best girlfriend.

About 90% of the women I shoot are not professional models, many have never posed for a photo shoot, and all of them are insecure about their physical appearance. The best I can do is present to them a beautiful collection of pictures and admire the happiness on their faces.

Each one deserves to feel admired and desired like a small statue on a pedestal. My role is to provide my models with the best pedestal I can.


A journey of self-discovery



Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need to get naked?

Of course you do not have to. It is entirely and only your choice. Please remember that whatever is your initial answer, you can always change your mind during the photo shoot.

I don’t know how to pose

You don’t have to worry about that: I usually photoshoot people in their first time in front of a camera and I will guide you through every step. During the shooting, you’ll get further advice by Morena, the Art-Director always present in Studio.

Am I the right shape to be a model?

Beauty has no age, shape or size. The Boudoir shoot will bring out your own beauty and personality. This experience is about the celebration of feminity in all its beautiful variety.

What should I wear?

Your outfits are entirely up to you: whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful is the right choice. The Fashion Stylist is available to give hints and advice the days before the Experience. You’ll also find some accessories to play with during the shooting day.

Will you retouch the images?

Retouching is the icing on the cake. I’ll retouch as much or as little as you like by always taking care of maintaining your authenticity.It’s my artistic choice to deliver only the hi-end pictures already retouched.

What’s your privacy policy?

Discretion and privacy are the most important values. Your photos will be never used or showed without your expressed permission. 110% privacy guaranteed.




Boudoir photography celebrates the art of human beauty and the complexity of the female body.Every curve tells a story of femininity, elegance and personality.

I’ll listen to all of the stories and make them shine under the right light, from the right angle.

A personalized boudoir photography session can empower women to feel better about their bodies regardless of age, shape or size.

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Taking unforgettable and sensual pictures of you is something that starts before to physically come to the studio.

I start tailoring your boudoir shooting experience by discussing ideas about the style you’d like to give to your photos in order to arrange the photography set with the right accessories to play with.

You can have a pre-shoot consultation with Morena, Italian art director, who will give you suggestions on what to wear for your shoot.

On the photoshoot day, we’ll go through everything you have brought with you, then put together different styles for various looks and poses.

Read more about Getting ready for your shoot.






Your shooting experience will start with a 1-hour pampering in the hands of my professional hair and make-up artist who will get to work to look you even more fabulous providing a magazine standard look.

She will discuss with you the look she thinks will best suit your skin tones and face shape and enhance your natural beauty.

This gives you time to relax and get to know us better: Morena and I will be with you throughout.

See what else happens on the shoot day.